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Artifacts everywhere

Hi again,

So we’ve been busy at the museum.  We are fortunate enough to have a solid group of devoted volunteers who come in during the morning hours and help organize the museum.  I don’t think we could run without them.  Their most recent project was inventorying all the artifacts here in the museum.  They started this project long before I started here, but we are very close to finishing it now.  On that note, we have come to our 3,000th artifact here in the museum.  I don’t know how we were fortunate enough to have so many, but we are all pleased that the inventory count had yielded such positive results. 

With that being said, you should come check out the artifacts that are on display.  They range from old portraits to porcelain and ceramic pottery to a 19th century doll house.  I’m always finding new things that are very interesting.


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Check it out…

Hey everyone,

This is the official blog for everything Schenectady County Historical Society related.  I hope it will keep you all updated on what’s going on here and give you a kind of inside look at what it’s like working in a history museum.

Here’s a little overview on what we have here at the museum right now…

Our exhibit schedule doesn’t follow a regimented agenda so no matter when you stop in there will be something interesting.  Right now our big exhibit is the Bicentennial time line.  This exhibit follows Schenectady history starting at 1600.  While on the text-heavy side there are some VERY interesting visuals and stories in the time line.  You should definitely check it out.  The Bicentennial time line is free to the public…so really there’s no reason not to come in and see it (lol).

Also, in the museum we just got our senility cradle back from the Albany airport exhibit.  For those of you who’ve never heard of something like this before (which was me until we loaded it off the truck) it’s a adult-sized cradle used for elder members of the family who are not as mobile as they once were.  Older family members would remain in the cradle while being rocked by other, younger, relatives.  It may seem a little strange (I know it did to me), but its existence here in our museum is an excellent interpretive tool when looking at family functions long ago as opposed to now.

At the risk of overloading you with items to check out I highly recommend coming to see our dollhouse.  It is an excellent children’s toy artifact dating from 1824 .  It was built for Governor Joseph Yates’ granddaughter after her mother died.  The piece itself is in outstanding condition and still has most of its original furniture.  Just so you get an idea of how amazing this artifact is, the dollhouse is about 3′ high and a bit longer.  It really is a one-of-a-kind artifact.

So here is a very brief overview of some things to come check out in the Schenectady Museum.  Make a day of it!  Come take a tour of the museum, walk around the historic stockade and grab a bite to eat.  It would definitely be worth your time.

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