Programs at SCHS

As a small museum, the Schenectady County Historical Society has to be creative with what we have so we can draw in the public.  While my summer here has been filled with typical museum work (i.e. researching exhibits, giving tours and coming up with ideas for future exhibits) my days have often included stints of brainstorming to find ways to attract the public.  One of my solutions was education programs. 

While being a small socity is difficult at times, one benefit is that we have a bit more freedom on how to use different budgets.  Often, our curator is able to meet with people who want to do programs here at the historical society and come up with a specific plan of action.  With this kind of attention, incoming groups can get EXACTLY what they want out of the museum, and the fee is very reasonable.  We have had a lot of success with education programs.

With that being said come check us out and try our programs on for size.  We have some already planned, or you can have a meeting with our curator and/or librarian to discuss what you’d like to do during your time here.  A museum/library program is a great way to get any group active within the historic district whether they be primary school students or a conference group.  SCHS welcomes all participants and encourages them to use the historical society to its fullest potential.

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